Wine bar review: Hornstulls Bodega, Stockholm

The area around Hornstull has been missing a real wine-scene for some time and the team running Linje Tio, Tjoget and Bierhaus decided to remedy that with opening a proper wine bar housed in the same space already holding Linje Tio and Tjoget. The space is incredibly small but very efficiently used so in some way they easily manage to squeeze in 30+ people in a space no bigger than most people’s living rooms.

The staff are friendly and relaxed so it feels a bit more like having a glass of wine with at a friends (a very knowledgable one) as a normal question is more like what type of wine you feel like today. The relaxed feeling and cozy atmosphere is really a strength of this place. The wine list changes frequently, and it usually holds around 5-7 whites, 5-7 reds and 1 sparkling by the glass. There is also almost always a few additional wines that are available by the glass so be sure to ask what else they have. With the name I would have expected more of Spanish wines but when I have been here there has been a lot of Italian and French wines on the list. The wines are in general good and it is always possible to have a small taster before ordering a full glass. I have not had spectacular wine here but also never anything close to bad so it is very good wine bar. Prices are also fairly reasonable to be Stockholm (expect at least 80-90 SEK per glass (€8-10), many around 120 SEK (12 SEK) and a few a bit more) but no bargains to be had.

Upon my last visit I sampled a pleasant Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley, the producer was Yannick Amirault, region Bourgueil and the wine was called La Coudraye. Very good Cabernet Franc, especially considering the price. In addition I also sampled a Chianti from Montesecondo, fairly nice balance but felt rather young so while pleasant now would probably benefit from som ageing.

They also serve some food. Mainly small plates, tapas style. I sampled the cheese croquetas, the charcuterie plate and the almonds. The food is pretty decent but looking at the amount of food it is not really great value for money. The dishes are small and the prices would make it fairly expensive to fill up on the tapas. So either come here before dinner for some good wine, nice atmosphere and enjoy a small bite or two or come after dinner and have some wine. I will definitly stop by now and then for a glass of wine so it is welcome to a neighborhood otherwise pretty starved for quality beverages (still waiting for a proper coffee place).