Amsterdams Finest – Restaurant Choux

Finally its time to start unraveling our great food trip to Amsterdam, and I would like to start with the finest: Restaurant Choux. The word choux is French and it means cabbage. It gives a little hint on the theme, Choux is what one might call vegetable forward. There is meat on the menu, but it does not play the leading role. Choux also houses an awesome selection of nature wines. Continue reading “Amsterdams Finest – Restaurant Choux”

The Hackney Hot-Spot for Nature Wine

When I lived in London (2012-2014) Hackney was still a bit rough. Well not really. It has already started with gentrification, or as I like to call it, brooklynization. However, Hackney was still not an area to take lightly when walking around during the night. I am not sure if it still is, but most definitely it has a more tamed reputation (as does neighboring Dalston and Bethnal Green). We usually head to south London when we want to go casual with dining. However, a tip to try out Legs Wine Bar lured us east. And I am very glad it did. My first trip to Hackney was a positive one. Continue reading “The Hackney Hot-Spot for Nature Wine”

Wineweek 86: Sunny Memories from Helsinki

The pictures featured in this wineweek are from our Midsummer trip to Finland. While last week I could not contain myself from writing about some Helsinki newbies, the great photos I took over the weekend were left untouched. We did some fabulous stuff: ate at Chef and Sommelier, had drinks in the sun at Bar Chaperon Rouge and walked around town taking some pictures and enjoying the quiet streets.  Continue reading “Wineweek 86: Sunny Memories from Helsinki”

Wineweek 85: Whats New in Helsinki

I think it has finally happened: my home for 30 years, Helsinki, has become somewhat of a stranger to me. I just realized it when browsing all the new restaurants have popped up this year. The city is changing, and I am not keeping up with that change. Perhaps I have become a bit of a Swede, thinking that Stockholm is the place for foodies. However, Helsinki seems to be giving Stockholm a run for its money. As I am still editing my Midsummer pictures, I thought I would instead share some of the new places I have listed as must-visits for the fall (many restaurants in Helsinki close for the summer). I have not tried them yet, but I will. If you have some experiences, please share!  Continue reading “Wineweek 85: Whats New in Helsinki”

New York Wine Bars – Winecurious Top-3

With New York still fresh on my mind, I thought I would share a few of my favorite finds with you. As I wrote before, I was a bit disturbed by the loud music and night club ambiance of many places. However here is a list of my favorites and a few words on why. Continue reading “New York Wine Bars – Winecurious Top-3”

Methode Ancestral – Spontaneous Sparkling Wine

When you google something like winemaking process sparkling wine, you get basically four options: The traditional method, the Charmat method, the Transfer method and the Injection/ Carbonation method. These four winemaking processes are often described as the ones for making sparkling wine. But there is something bubbling under the surface. Something that is not mentioned on this list of four. A method that is rarely used due to its low possibility for control, but will be more and more on the lips of many natural wine enthusiasts – the Ancestral method. Continue reading “Methode Ancestral – Spontaneous Sparkling Wine”

Wineweek 72: Easter in Helsinki

It has been a mad March. We have been working hard: ordering summer wines and looking for a new warehouse. We also did a short wine trip to the city we fell in love in – London. All the buzzing around came to a nice relaxing halt when we flew on Thursday to Finland for relaxing Easter celebrations.  There is nothing like coming to a ready set table. While in Helsinki, we had the chance to try some nice Finnish Gin, visit one of our favorite wine bars as well as finally try out one of the most talked-about Helsinki restaurants, the Michelin-starred Chef & Sommelier.  Continue reading “Wineweek 72: Easter in Helsinki”

The Drilldown on Spritmuseum

On Sunday, I totally trashed the restaurant at Spritmuseum in Wineweek. The restaurant experience was disappointing, and to be honest did not do any justice to the great reputation that the place has gathered during the year. I am an active Yelper and many people whom I respect to deliver reliable reviews had praised it. Yelp seldom fails me so I am still at awe. But lets do a drill-down and lay the different arguments on the table. I am kind of hoping that n the end of this post I can conclude that it was not that bad after all. Continue reading “The Drilldown on Spritmuseum”