At the Bottl3.5shop

If you are wondering if I have been writing this post while tired, the answer is no; Bottl3.5hop is actually the name of the store I intend to write about. Or perhaps I should say I am writing about a phenomena, which is the rapid increase demand for low alcohol drinks, especially beer. There are small shops popping up in hipster parts of town specializing in small brewery beers that fit under the state controlled limit of 3.5%. These shops slash bars are great places to find interesting local products that are often too small scale to make it to the big players shelves, like peach beer (yuk). I am not kidding about the peach beer, but would like to emphasize that most of the selection is actually not as “special”, but rather something that I would consider excellent low alcohol alternatives to be enjoyed with food during the week or why not weekend. Continue reading “At the Bottl3.5shop”

The Symptoms of Wine Depreviation

I did not expect to be suffering from a lack of wine at this time. End of cold and dark January. I was prepared for a break during our Asia trip, but now that I am surrounded by my cellar, M has embarked on this “no wine for a month”- challenge. The whole situation is leading to a bit of a writers block.  Continue reading “The Symptoms of Wine Depreviation”

Wine-week no 1.

I have now been following and reading different kinds of blogs for about a year. Yes, I know, I am catching on late – it is a bit of trend in many things these days I must confess. When it comes to social media, I am still taking baby steps. It didn’t use to be like that, but with age I can see that I am becoming less and less of an early adopter. I can already see that day when I am completely out of it on what the 20 something’s are up to. However, when that day comes, I will enjoy the ignorant bliss with a good glass of wine.

Back to the actual topic: blogging. What I like about many of the blogs I follow are their weekly recaps in pictures. I don’t mind that the content is not very deep; it is a way of remembering all the good moments one had during the past week. I am like a train, always on my way to the next station, so a small recap is a great way to linger in the moment for just one more day.

So I would like to start a tradition. A tradition of posting some pictures of great moments with food and wine from the past week. You can consider it a sneak peak on what I will review or write about in the following days. When I have done some more research, perhaps I can also add some interesting news around the topic. But to start with, here is Wine-week no 1 in pictures.

From the upper left corner: Enjoying Sonoma-night @ Gaston// Alexandre Bonnet Grand Reserva Brut// Champagne Afternoon Tea @ Wienercafe// Just another weeknight with non-alcoholic delights// Cheese shopping for some great wine pairings// Great Sonoma wines in a row.