Pop-up Restaurant by Koka

I love our wine cellar Magnusson Fine Wines. It is the kind of friendly place, where people love wine, but you do not feel like you should know the name of every village in the German appellation of Alsace. People chat with each other and are generous with recommendations. The owner, Johan Magnusson, arranges wine trips and pop-up dinner by talked-about restaurant sin Sweden. There is always something happening at the cellar. We feel we get quite good value for the money we have invested in having a space for our wines there. Continue reading “Pop-up Restaurant by Koka”

At the Bakficka – Tyge & Sessil

In Sweden, a bakficka (back-pocket) is usually a small simple restaurant associated to a known, often fancy, restaurant. Many Michelin restaurants have bakfickas. It is a way for celebrity chefs to serve simple food for more reasonable prices. The back-pocket is always close to its mother, sometimes even sharing a kitchen and staff; they also always leave some space for walk-in customers. I love back-pockets. They are quite good value for money, and many of them have high ambitions with wine. Tyge & Sessil is the backficka of one-starred restaurant Ekstedt (where food is prepared on an open fire) located in Stockholms Östermalm and serving mainly ecological and nature wines from small producers.  Continue reading “At the Bakficka – Tyge & Sessil”

Wineweek 102: All Aboard

It is cold outside; +5 celsius, windy and drizzle. November is approaching, the end off fall and the beginning of winter. I consider November the worst time of the year. March comes in as a close second. It is a perfect time to do some indoor activities. So I booked my trip to Finland this time with the boat, this time Viking line. Actually I chose the boat because of flights being enormously expensive, but there is the perk that our toddler enjoys it very much. So here I go again, with the floating disco to my birth city of Helsinki.

Continue reading “Wineweek 102: All Aboard”