Wineweek 131: Grand Champagne Coming

This weekend has given me hope that there will be summer. Its been sunny all weekend and warm, well at least in the sun. You can suck in some of the Stockholm May madness in the pictures below. I have caught some kind of hay fever though, so no wine for me. At least not on Saturday. Its a waste to drink with a blocked nose. But on Friday I was still healthy and enjoyed a night out with a friend at Woodstockholm, one of the best wine haunts in the city.  Continue reading “Wineweek 131: Grand Champagne Coming”

Wineweek 123: What it Means to Believe in Yourself

This weekend, I have using time on my travel guide on Tripsteri. Our great team of talented media-professionals (not talking about me) made it to the finale of a Finnish media innovation competition, Uutisraivaaja; we have signed a book deal for a series of printed travel books, and last and probably least I have a post coming out on Tuesday on the star studded Michelin-scene in Stockholm. I already wrote to you about that, but now I have some awesome pictures that will make you crave for a night out in the city Continue reading “Wineweek 123: What it Means to Believe in Yourself”

Bangkok at Night

This is not a wine post. But I really like the vibe in Bangkok at night, so I thought I would share some photos. Now I have a good camera in my hands, it is just the photographer that is an amateur. Here are a few shots that I think capture Bangkok the way I see it after dark.

Yes, I know I have said I would not spend that much time on photos…no excuses, I am weak.

Lights at the night market
Fresh fruit juice 24h a day
These ingredients turned into a tasty plate of fried rice
Taking a break
The local pub
The lamp shop
Motorcycle taxi taking a break
Happy kitchen
Eating out
The remains of the Soi 38 night market
At the Okura lobby bar. There is someone reaching for our snacks..

The pictures were taken with a Nikon D5500 and 50mm lens.

xx Soile