Grand Champagne Vol.1

When thinking about what to write about Grand Champagne, I really had a hard time keeping it short. There is just so much to share. So I decided to split the story in two, starting with the press event and professionals tasting on Friday morning. The second post will focus on the consumer event as well as Master classes. Continue reading “Grand Champagne Vol.1”

Discoveries About Pol Roger

I am always interested in a wine producer with a story. Preferably many stories. Pol Roger has 160 of history and a style that is loyal to the founders vision. I have always liked their champagnes. They are charismatic and masculine, have powerful notes and a long lingering aftertaste. It is always a pleasure to open a Pol Roger, even the basic Cuvee. Recently I attended a tasting where the importer for Sweden gave me a few fun facts on what makes the house so special.

First, the cellars of Pol Roger are deep underground. In 1900 the family cellars collapsed and the new cellars were dug under. The temperature is cooler, thus the champagnes develop slower than the competition. This is why you often don’t see very young vintages out in the stores, they are still too tight to put on the market. I wonder if the Salons are also aged in cooler conditions..

Tasting Pol Roger at Magnussons

A second interesting fact refers to the Pol Roger Special Cuvee Winston Churchill: the secret recipe to celebrate the man who said “champagne should be cold, dry and free” (I couldn’t agree more). The cuvee is said to be his favorite and every vintage is made to mirror his taste. Actually Winston’s favorite vintage was the -28, so the wine is made to be as similar as possible to that specific year. I wonder how many bottles they have left and if they every year pop open a bottle to compare? If you want to have a taste, you can find a bottle of the -28 for around 3000£ at a special wine dealer. I wonder how good that would be…

Very recently I had a taste of the Pol Roger blanc de blancs 2006, vintage 2004 as well as the Winston Churchill 2002. All tasted great but it is clear that they have not reached their full potential yet. So definitely something to put aside for a rainy day (or just a Monday, who knows).

Wishing you a great week and hopefully some good moments with Pol Roger!

xx Soile






Wineweek 55: Christmas Presents for a Winelover

We are already deep into the Christmas season, however, it does not feel like Christmas to me. That’s probably because we will be spending the holidays in a different climate. We take off on Wednesday towards Bangkok followed by Vietnam and Singapore. So I already apologize for all the posts and pictures of blue skies and beaches. I don’t think I will be able to avoid them. The weather hasn’t been too Christmassy in Sweden either. It is still around 10 plus degrees and one can see green patches of grass in the parks. It has been extremely windy this weekend with some damage to property and restrictions on flights both in Stockholm and especially in south of Sweden. I have not been too enthusiastic to leave the apartment.

Regardless of not celebrating Christmas, we have been spending on some “presents” for ourselves. Our Zalto tasting glasses arrived on Friday and have already been in some use. However the real treat is yet to be unwrapped. Yesterday we sent out our application for a membership at Magnusson Fine Wines, a private cellar and wine club. This great decision to apply took place after three glasses of Pol Roger at the Magnusson Friday after work with a friend who is a member. In addition to cellar space, members have access to many private tastings and pop up restaurant events that are held at the Magnusson bar. Members are also allowed to bring guests which I think is the best part – sharing the fun with your friends. Btw. those Pol Rogers are manly champagnes. A lot of body and long lingering tastes. We tried three different vintages: the 2006 blanc de blancs, 2004 vintage and the Cuvee Winston Churchill 2002.

Now that we are talking Christmas presents, I saw this wonderful post by the Wine Wankers. It’s a quirky list of wine presents to family and friends. I recommend having a browse through if you are still struggling with what to buy. For my Finnish friends I would also recommend browsing though the selection at Viinitarvikekauppa. They have quite a selection of wine accessories and by using the code ALE5 you can get 5% off until the 24th of December. 5% is not that much, but its a good excuse to buy those Riedel wine glasses that you have perhaps been drooling for all year. “But honey they were on sale…”

The Zaltos arrived
At Magnusson tasting Pol Roger
A curious champagne from Emmanual Brochet. 50% Pinot Meunieur
The Hairy Pig deli


We also visited a fun restaurant, the Hairy Pig Deli, in the Old Town of Stockholm, which by the way has really become a foody part of town. The English inspired menu included hot dogs, wild boar charcuterie, moose lasagna and a wonderful bread and butter pudding. This was more comfort food so we ordered some nice Swedish and French craft beers instead of wine. They did have a Franciacorta sparkling by the glass, however it was a bit overpriced to my taste (15€/glass). The only (other) thing that bothered me at the deli was the continuous inflow of by passers asking for a table in the fully booked restaurant. That’s the downside of the Old Town, it is a very touristy part of the city. Still, I would highly recommend it. Don’t forget to book a table though!

That’s it for this wineweek. Have a nice Sunday evening and a good coming week!

xx Soile