Wine Warning: Zarea Brut Nature 100 Year Aniversary Sparkling Wine

It has been a while since I have had this taste in my mouth, the taste of awful sparkling wine. Yes, I have had some bubbly that I can conclude I do not need to taste again, however, I don’t remember when was the last time that I felt like quitting after the first sip (in this instance I had a few more sips to be able to write this review). Yes my friends, I think Zarea Brut Nature is that bad. With this experience I would like to launch a new concept: the Wine Warning. A wine warning can be given to any wine that scores below 1 in quality and value for money. This is to let you know, that I would not recommend buying or even tasting this wine. Not even for curiosity’s sake.

I guess I was desperate, as the selection in Bangkok is so poor. We picked up this bottle at the supermarket just because we thought we would like to have a glass of sparkling one evening. It didn’t have to be great, but something cold, dry and sparkling. We did not want to be prejudice even though Romania is not really a country for sparkling wine. The Zarea was a Brut Nature and produced with Method Champenoise (or Methode Traditionelle as they call it), so we thought it could be ok. Price-wise, the bottle was around 600THB (~€15) at the level of the German and Belgian sparklings that could also be found on the shelf. So why not, we were curious. I will tell you why not, but first I will try to write a professional review.

The wine comes from Tarnave, a region in Romania. The grape is Feteasca Regala, a white variety cultivated mainly in Romania (Transylvania, Moldavia, Moldova), and also in Hungary and Austria. As it is a Brut Nature it indicates that there is no added sugar, however I am not sure what the actual levels are in grams.

My first suspicions surface as I see the deep yellow color of the wine. This does not have to mean anything, but the yellowness stands out. The nose has a light scent of citrus and some sweetness, and the taste is bitter with a hint of butter. The butter gives a certain creaminess to the wine, but it really doesn’t make an impression. The wine tastes cheap and I have a hard time putting my finger on the notes. I am done after the first two sips.

All in all, this was not at all a wine for me. I give it a 0,5 for quality, and 0 for value. Perhaps it is just so far from my taste, I suspect it is the type of grapes used. But I am quite sure this puts me off Romanian sparklings for a while.