Things to do in Cairns vol 1.

You might have noticed my posting schedule has been a bit distracted. One word – holiday! I don’t even know what day of the week it is and that’s great. For the past week, we have been in Adelaide, in South Australia. However, before that, we spent a week up north in Cairns, the tropical part of Australia: Great Barrier Reef, rain forest, beaches, the works. What they don’t have up there is good food and wine. It just amazes me. Queensland has a lot of great produce and farming, however somehow, the tourist towns don’t seem to get their share of it. We survived a week with take out and half-decent Japanese food, but my God we are glad to be in a proper city again. However, it was still great to be up in Cairns and we did some very awesome outdoorsy stuff. And here is a post on one great day: a sailing trip to Green Island.  Continue reading “Things to do in Cairns vol 1.”

All Aboard – The Wine Revolution on the Sea

When I was a kid, one of the best things you could think of was taking a trip with the ferries traveling between Helsinki and Stockholm. I don’t remember exactly what was the charm in it. I recall us sitting in the (kids) disco with fruity non-alcoholic cocktails and loitering around by the slot machines. When I was a kid, our parents gave us a pile of coins (marks at that time) and let us loose in the casino. We were allowed to buy all the candy we wanted with the profit. Somehow there was always profit. And it was the boat that was exciting, the day in Stockholm was more of an annoyance.   Continue reading “All Aboard – The Wine Revolution on the Sea”