Wine Tips for Tokyo

I loved our trip to Tokyo last week. The city lights, culture and exquisite food. We had a very mixed week when it comes to culinary experiences: traditional to modern, fine dining to street food; the Japanese master them all. One thing that came to me as a surprise though was the blooming wine-scene. I don’t know if we were just lucky, but seems that having a decent glass of wine is not that hard at all. Here is a short list of my favorites: Continue reading “Wine Tips for Tokyo”

Wineweek 49: Lost in Translation?

Its Sunday again and our time in Tokyo is soon coming to an end. It has been a great trip, but as with all of our travels, I do love going home. One day left, so I will keep this short. Tokyo has really changed since I was here last. Not in spirit, but the city that has been characterized as confusing to foreigners has become a much easier travel destination. Wifi is widely available, signs and announcements are now also in English and our beloved credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. Ten years ago I remember it being very difficult to navigate as I still had a Nokia with no internet connection. Back then you of course managed as well, but I cant really imagine, any more, a life without a smartphone. Technology has of course made our lives easier, however I suspect Tokyo is also preparing for the Olympic games in 2020 with improved communication. Continue reading “Wineweek 49: Lost in Translation?”