Wineweek 129: Pink, Pink, Pink

There is nothing like the cherry blossoms at Kungsträdgården (Kings Garden) to tell you that spring in Stockholm has begun. The 63 Sakura trees color the center pink; They lift the mood of all who are tired and weary of the winter. Local Stockholm dwellers gather under them to chill, eat ice cream and enjoy the rain of colorful leafs. The weekend has been a bit of a roller coaster of feeling with things getting tough at work. So what better way to calm the nerves than pretty pink flowers and some good wine. Champagne actually – what a surprise! Continue reading “Wineweek 129: Pink, Pink, Pink”

Wineweek 77: Valborg

Walburgis Night aka Valborg in Swedish is celebrated every year on the 30th of April. The day is followed by May 1st Labor day, which in many countries is a day off. In Finland, Valborg is a huge party for the spring. Everyone is out, regardless of the weather, pretending that it is warmer than it actually is. Students get drunk and families with children go out for a picnic (and have sparkling wine). There are a lot of people out with balloons and funny hats both on Walburgis night as well as Labor day. It’s quite crazy. Finnish Valborg is definitely worth experiencing once, preferably young when you have the energy to party all night.  Continue reading “Wineweek 77: Valborg”

Wineweek 68: Nordic Stars

Last week of February. The winter is soon over. Can you count March as spring already? The weather this weekend has definitely been spring-like, and we have moved on to a lighter profile of wines. I am definitely a white-wine person 80% of the year. There has been some exciting news coming out this week, with a new Guide de Michelin for the Nordics. Stockholm managed yet again to miss out on that magical three stars, but at least we got two top-tier (***) restaurants to the Nordics: Maaemo (Oslo) and Geranium (Copenhagen). I will write more about the Stockholm restaurants during the coming week. Continue reading “Wineweek 68: Nordic Stars”

The Spring Tasting Schedule

The long awaited spring comes always as a surprise to me. Our wine business builds towards the highlight of Christmas, and then we always extend our holiday from the business way too long. I know its still winter outside, but the rose season is soon upon us. At least from the point of view of a wine merchant. Continue reading “The Spring Tasting Schedule”