A Night at Frantzen

If there is one restaurant in Sweden that has been making headlines lately, it is Frantzen. In February, at the Michelin gala in Copenhagen, star chef Björn Frantzen finally got his wish, and made culinary history by bringing the first three-star restaurant in history to Sweden. Since the announcement it has been impossible to book a table. Luckily yours truly had a booking from before the announcement, so a week ago we dressed up and hit the town for our first Swedish three-star meal. Continue reading “A Night at Frantzen”

Wineweek 158: In the Footsteps of Royalty

Ever wonder where and how Swedish royalty lives? Me too, occasionally. Mostly I wonder what kinds of wines they drink. I even did a deep dive into which wines have been served at the Nobel Gala for the past 100 years. It was a lot of work, but quite fun (here is the link). This weekend, I took my camera and went walking in Hagaparken, where the crown princess of Sweden, Victoria lives with her family.  Continue reading “Wineweek 158: In the Footsteps of Royalty”

Wineweek 154: The Great Fall

I have not written in a week. What a fall. This is the first time since I started blogging three years ago that I do nothing during the week. However, we all need to be merciful to ourselves. When its a bit tough, rest is the best choice. I don’t want to learn the hard way. Sleep and good wine are the best cures to a starting fall exhaustion. Continue reading “Wineweek 154: The Great Fall”

The Star in the Woods

I get an ominous chill from the title of the post “Star in the Woods”, like “the cabin in the woods” – PM & Vänner is not quite like that. Quite the opposite, it is one of the warmest restaurants I have ever been to. Literally. The restaurant is located in the small-ish city of Växjö in Southern Sweden (thus I call it the woods). It has one Michelin star and it is one of five restaurants in the world granted the Wine Spectator Grand Award in 2017 (ONE OF FIVE!!). Continue reading “The Star in the Woods”

Wineweek 150: Växjö in Colors

Saturday morning I sat on a long distance train without knowing where I am getting off. It was a train from Stockholm to Copenhagen, stopping on the way in Norrköping, Linköping and Alvesta. Would it be one of those stops, or perhaps the end station Copenhagen? M just told me that we would be sitting on the the train for ours, but no hint on how many.  It is my birthday today, and my present was a surprise one night trips somewhere. In my mind I had already thought of so many options, but once we sat on the train, most of the list got erased. The only guess left was Daniel Berlin deep down in Skåne, a hour and a half from Malmö; but M shot that down pretty soon after we passed Linköping. Browsing the Michelin guide for Sweden I made my last attempt at a guess – are we perhaps going to Växjö (a city I had not even heard of before that day)? The answer was yes! Continue reading “Wineweek 150: Växjö in Colors”

Wineweek 105: The First Snow

This morning – the first proper snowfall of the year. Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of it. Me and my camera have remained happily indoors; drinking tea and eating chocolate. But I have a few other cool shots to show you from yesterdays visit to AB.Cafe for brunch and Vina wine bar for dinner. I also did some window shopping in the center. Even though we do not spend Christmas in Sweden, I still like getting a few small gifts for the fam. And the best place to find nice stuff is Designtorget, that carries works of many Swedish designers – big and small.  Continue reading “Wineweek 105: The First Snow”

Wineweek 77: Valborg

Walburgis Night aka Valborg in Swedish is celebrated every year on the 30th of April. The day is followed by May 1st Labor day, which in many countries is a day off. In Finland, Valborg is a huge party for the spring. Everyone is out, regardless of the weather, pretending that it is warmer than it actually is. Students get drunk and families with children go out for a picnic (and have sparkling wine). There are a lot of people out with balloons and funny hats both on Walburgis night as well as Labor day. It’s quite crazy. Finnish Valborg is definitely worth experiencing once, preferably young when you have the energy to party all night.  Continue reading “Wineweek 77: Valborg”

Wineweek 48: Champagne and the Flu

I have finally realized why I am always so inclined to start my weekly posts with the weather. It is because I have now lived two years in Stockholm and I am becoming more Swedish by the day. How do I come to this conclusion? This week I was drafting a post for my travel site (www.tripsteri.fi) about how to talk with a swede.  For that purpose, I also asked about five to ten of my friends and colleagues about topics they discuss both with friends and strangers. The first thing on everyone’s lips was the weather. I even think someone made a joke that the Swedes have become the British of the north.

The main content of my writing was about the discussion topics in Sweden being very general, to make sure you do not offend anyone. If one wants to discuss something serious, like politics, one must make a careful note in the start of the conversation about being slightly bothered regarding serious discussions being such a taboo. This way you make it clear you know what you are getting into. Well, wine is not a serious topic. At least it is not for me. The Swedes I talk to about wine always make a note though, that they know nothing about it. This is also a warm-up to make sure I do not take the discussion too seriously (and do not get offended). Every country have their rituals.

Friday evening with Laherte Blanc de Blancs and popcorn
Friday evening with Laherte Blanc de Blancs and popcorn
Some color for the darkening fall nights
Some color for the darkening fall nights
I have been preparing for Tokyo by tending to my colleagues Japanese garden
I have been preparing for Tokyo by tending to my colleagues Japanese garden
Champagne tasting with friends and customers at casa Winecurious
Champagne tasting with friends and customers at casa Winecurious
All the tasting bubblies in a row
All the tasting bubblies in a row

This week I have unfortunately been sick. I have caught the flu. My throat is very sore, and I feel drowsy. Luckily I have not lost that much of my palate, as we had our customer champagne tasting on Saturday. We invited all of our customers who ordered at our spring tasting to sample a range of private label bubblies from the UK. Now, I will write a separate post on the tasting. But just as a quick sum-up: we tasted seven wines, four of them were private label champagnes, two of them were from the original producers, and one was not a champagne at all, it was a cava (nobody guessed that though). We did the tasting blind to be able to have as objective results as possible.

The coming week will be very exciting. We will be flying to Tokyo for a five day food trip. Why Tokyo? The currency exchange rate is right now very favorable. We will be doing quite many nice restaurants and all of them for a fairly affordable price. For the drinks section, we will be trying out some local rice wine, Sake. So if you have any Sake tips, please let me know. We will of course have a look around for wine as well (as always), but I really doubt that it is that interesting. Who knows, I have been surprised before. We have quite a hectic schedule the coming week, so I will probably not be writing that much. Let’s see what I can conjure during the long flight from Copenhagen. And of course I will be posting photos. October is not the most beautiful month of the year, but Tokyo is so colorful that it really doesn’t matter.

That was all the wine action for this week. Next time I will be posting, it will be from the land of the rising sun. Have a great week you all!

Solde: Excellent roaster and coffee bar in Malmö

I have a somewhat special relationship with this place. For the year and a half or so that I l lived in Malmö it was my go to place. I passed it on my 5 minute walk from home to the office everyday and almost always went in there for a cup to go. Being from Stockholm it is not always that one is met with great friendliness and warmth in Skåne (or when I think of it not in many places outside Stockholm at all) but I always loved the friendly and relaxed atmosphere here. The clientele was and is extremely hipster so if you are allergic to that go elsewhere. For me the good coffee makes me overcome my aversion to hipsters. The coffee has always been very consistent high quality and that is what I really like here. I do not believe I have ever had a bad cup of coffee in this place. That said, I do also seldom come away feeling as it is the best cup I ever had either but they are really solid.

These days they roast their own coffee and they are really good. They do not have the widest range but always some good stuff. At the coffee bar I would mainly go for the espresso based beverages as the skilled baristas here really know how to use the espresso machine. There are also filter coffees available and those are pretty good as well.


Food wise there is basic breakfast stuff as well as pastries and cookies. There are no full meals so more a place to stop by for a cup and a small bite and then be on your way. In a sense the vibe is a bit like what an Italian espresso bar would be if they served good coffee.It is fairly small so not the place to hang out for a long time and not really enough space to comfortably work or so but still one of the top spots in Malmö for coffee and good service.

So how does it rate:
Coffee quality: 4
Ambiance and service: 4
Food: 3
Vs local competition: 4.5

Espresso House in Hötorgshallen (Stockholm) delivering quality coffee

One of my favorite  coffee bars in Stockholm belong to the chain Espresso House. They do perhaps not in general contribute to the great coffee scene but rather bringing up the average quality be serving a decent cup. The location in Hötorgshallen is however their showroom and have both better coffee and more skilled baristas than their other locations. Hötorgshallen is a food hall in the center of Stockholm and this café is on the ground floor alongside several other restaurants and cafés and downstairs in the basement there are numerous vendors selling cheese, meat, vegetables, nuts, spices and many other things (there is even a Finnish specialty food store). In general a nice place to browse but it also means a lot of people moving through there so even if there is free wifi and some space to sit at Espresso house it is still not a really great place to hang out for a long period of time. The staff are however very knowledgeable and friendly so still like the place.


The main thing is however the coffee. As all Espresso house they have coffee roasted by Solberg & Hansen but in addition to the normal range of five different coffees to select from they have an additional three to five different ones. Usually these ones are more interesting and smaller lots. All coffees can be ordered as hand-brews and are very nicely prepared. The espresso based beverages are also good but I am not a super-fan of their espresso blend.

The food selection is virtually non-existent, only some cakes and pastries but they do kindly offer to grab some food from the other places and still sit and eat it at the tables at Espresso House.

So how does it rate:
Coffee quality: 4
Ambiance and service: 3.5
Food: 1
Vs local competition: 4.5