Wineweek 97: Born in 1982

This has been a week of birthday celebrations. To be honest my birthday was already last week. However, due to my friend getting married on my big B-day, we postponed that celebration until later. I really like my birthdays. It is that one day of the year that is just about me. Sounds a bit selfish, but on my birthday I get to wish for what ever I want. And this year, I wanted to go back to where M took me for my 30th birthday, restaurant Gastrologik in Stockholm.
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A Peak into the Winery Hotel

How does a wine-holiday in Stockholm sound? Now that I am a bit more acquainted with the city, it sounds pretty good. Especially with the opening of the new Winery Hotel. I already mentioned last Sunday that I had the privilege to get a tour around the hotel and their winery. Here are a few collected thoughts and photos from the visit Continue reading “A Peak into the Winery Hotel”

Wineweek 65: Mumm and Friends

The first week of February. Finally, the sun is out and the days are becoming longer. It is still dark when I wake up, but the sun starts to rise the time I head to the office. That’s the thing about living here in the Nordics. Winter is a a bit of a grey and depressing time. However in the summer, it is sun all day round. I am so glad that we are heading towards spring. Cant wait for rose season to kick off. This week has been refreshing also from a wine point of view. On Friday I had the chance to get a tour at the newly opened Winery Hotel here in Stockholm, and M finally stopped with his silly wine-break. We celebrated his return to wine with a nice Mumm tasting at our cellar. Continue reading “Wineweek 65: Mumm and Friends”

Wine Trends 2016

As we are closing in on the new year, I thought I would do a post about some current wine trends and what to expect in 2016. I am all but on expert, so I did some research with my trusted partner in crime – Google. What comes up when typing in “wine trends in 2016”? Continue reading “Wine Trends 2016”