Coffee Bar Review: Revolution Coffee, Singapore

Revolution coffee was one of the places on my list that I was doubting if I had the energy to visit. It was a bit off the beaten path but When I decided to go I found a very nice and tranquil location in an office complex in west Singapore. It is not too easy to get to but possible with public transport (MRT and free shuttle bus) but so much easier with taxi and with the affordable prices (if travelling a the right time of day) in Singapore I tend to prefer the ‘lazy’ option. The cafe has outdoor as well as indoor seating. Despite it being in office complex they have really managed to make it both cozy and comfortable. The relaxed feeling combined with the very friendly service makes me want to visit again and again.

The guy running the place is very knowledgeable about coffee, willing to talk about it and generous with recommendations for other places. I am always skeptical of people who can never say anything good about any competitors so it is refreshing with someone who is confident enough in what they are doing to also recommend others. The fact that there is also free wifi and the relaxed environment really invites for lounging here.

The food served is almost worth the trip in itself, lovely salads, pastas and sandwiches as well as some sweets as well. The kitchen really knows their stuff and the food is not that expensive either. The spicy stuff is however not very spicy so no need to ask them to hold back. We thoroughly enjoyed the food and they have a rotating selection of coffee, mainly from Singapore based roasters but occasionally one can also find other interesting stuff. When I was there they also had a lot from the US (Blue Bottle, Intelligentsia, SightGlass and a few others) in addition to coffee from the Tiny Roaster. The coffee served was very nicely prepared and out of the ones I tried one was excellent and the other was good. I had been ‘warned’ that the Colombian I was trying was a bit darker in the roast and that was true. It was still not bad but it had a bit more fullness than I would have liked and it overpowered some of the other flavors.

So how does it rate:
Ambiance/service: 4.5
Coffee quality: 3.5
Food: 4
Vs local average: 4