Wineweek 140: Ja Må Du Leva Idag

Ja må du leva idag means live today in Swedish. Its the perfect phrase to describe this weekend in Stockholm. We were supposed to stay in, work, clean and organize stuff; maybe drink some wine and catch up on sleep. The weather forecast was promising rain, so why make plans. Well, the weather man was wrong. The weekend was Goddamn beautiful, and against all sense of responsibility and looming deadlines, I threw all my papers in the air and sprinted out into the welcoming Stockholm sun. As you can see from the pictures, it was worth it! Continue reading “Wineweek 140: Ja Må Du Leva Idag”

Taste of Göteborg at Woodstockholm

I just love these pictures from last Fridays dinner at Woodstockholm. It was one of these epic nights: warm weather outside, even after sundown (doesn’t happen that often in Sweden) and full party on at the restaurant. I seldom see restaurant staff having such a good time at work. We had a good time too. The food was tasty as well a picturesque, and for once I felt it was ok to take shots of people (they were so obviously posing). Woodstockholm is one of my favorite wine-hangouts in the city. Their list is very much to my taste: quite European and leaning towards earthy flavors.  Continue reading “Taste of Göteborg at Woodstockholm”

Goodbye 2016

The last day of the year, and I am browsing pictures from 2016. I guess this is a typical post for a lazy blogger, reading old posts and thinking of which stories are worth revisiting. Looking back, it seems like a lifetime since these moments were the present: visiting Champagne, enjoying the views over Valtellina valley and all those lovely dinners in Stockholm. Life starts sprinting when you turn 30 (now I’m already 34), and there doesn’t seem to be any way to slow it down. I guess it is that you really start knowing yourself and what you like after a certain age, so better just buckle up and enjoy the ride. Continue reading “Goodbye 2016”

Summer Wine Bar at Woodstockholm

Saturday early evening, the weather is typical for Swedish summer. Warm, but rainy. We have to make a run for it if we want to be sheltered from the storm. We find our way to the wine bar on Moseback torg. It has been set up for the summer in the furniture store of Woodstockholm. It is dark and cozy inside. Just one long table with candles and a few random people sitting enjoying a glass of wine. We are greeted by the bartender with a wide smile. I feel we have come to the right place.

I think I have mentioned Woodstockholm a few times. It is a furniture store and restaurant, and now in the summer also a wine bar. The bar has been set up in the section that is normally the furniture boutique. The space is small, but in efficient use. There is one long table with chairs on both sides. The sommelier walk around and there is a kitchen in the back. The kitchen makes a set of small plates for being served at the wine bar. Perhaps they even help out with some cold dishes for the restaurant. I don’t think there is any cooking done there in the back room.

The house champagne that night was a Laherte Blanc de Blancs. Even though I have had it before, I am pleased with the grower choice. Later I learn that the wine list changes quite often, including the house champagne. M takes a glass of Chardonnay from Jura. It is so good with notes of vanilla and butter. The wine has clearly been in oak, but not for too long. The oaky flavors are quite delicate. The white is so good that I negotiate a half/half deal with M (I get half of his and he gets half of mine), which s nothing unusual when we go out for wine.

The second round is a tougher choice: Should we go for the Mencia from Bierzo (made by a lady that has worked for Domaine Romanee Conti), the bourgogne blanc, a spanish white from Galicia or the sommelier recommended charismatic white Chateauneufdupape. We stick with whites: Galicia and Chateauneufdupape, and luckily get to have a small taste of the Mencia later. We also order some small snacks: whipped pork (Genius!) and cow tartar with chorizo. Both taste very good, but the whipped pork is the real star. Just the concept of it is awesome.

It has stopped raining (a long while ago) and it is time for us to move on. The bill is very reasonable. None of the wines were really expensive (100-150 sek a glass), and the food cost around 65 each dish. This is Stockholm, so that is what you pay. I feel we have received value for our money. We will come again. The summer wine bar is an experiment Woodstockholm are running, and I hope it will stay.

Address: Mosebacke torg 9, 116 46 Stockholm
Public transport: Metro (Tunnelbana), Slussen

xx Soile

Woodstockholm summer wine bar
The wine is served from Riedel
A glass of Laherte as a starter
The bar is decorated by the shops furniture
A beautiful Chardonnay from Jura
Whipped pork
Furniture hanging from the roof
M snappig photos
Pouring wine
The decanter
Mencia from Bierzo
Bierzo Apellation labels
After the rain at Mosebacke torg


Wineweek 87: Stockholm Calming Down

It is the peak of the Nordic holiday season. The office is empty, restaurants are empty, the whole city is empty. I love it! It is the best time of the year to be in Stockholm. There is no traffic and terraces have space. The only place with some noise and racket was the Tele 2 football arena. M, our loyal football fan, noticed that the Swedish league, Allsvenskan,  has started again. Good that we didn’t have to go a day without football (yes, that was sarcasm). At least the game was followed by good wine.  Continue reading “Wineweek 87: Stockholm Calming Down”

Dinner and Wine at a Furniture Store

Ever had dinner in a furniture store? I have, last Friday. Woodstockholm is a restaurant located in Stockholms Södermalm on the iconic Mosebacke square. It is not a furniture store as such, it is more of a showroom. To be honest, it looks like a normal restaurant, it was more of a savvy start for the post to bring forth that the company behind the restaurant is a design furniture store. And yes, they do use their own designs in the space. The restaurant focuses on ecological food and wine.

We were at Woodstockholm to celebrate my birthday, so we went for a full tasting menu and a full flight of wines. In this case I actually don’t mean a ready selected wine menu, but rather the sommelier helped us find a wine-partner for each course. We started of with some Dhont-Grellet Champagne, a nice toasty aperitif. The price was very reasonable for being Stockholm, only 110 SEK for a glass. With the starters, salmon, tartar and egg, we both chose Austrian wines, a field blend from Vienna and a Grüner Veltliner. Both were nice and crispy. I often find field blends to be quite interesting, filled with fruity character. This specific one Weininger Gemischter Satz was quite young (2014) and slightly in your face (high in acidity). That didnt really bother me though. For main we had duck paired with some truly interesting reds. I had a red Bourgogne made by Koji Nakada, a Japanese man who moved to France to make wine. The wine was velvety and elegant, perfect with juicy duck meat (the main). M had a red from Mikael Boutin, a mechanic turned winemaker. I love it when the restaurant adds some information on the wine, something beyond the grape, area and method. The story of the winemaker often appeals to me when choosing a wine.

The starter with egg, mushrooms and crispy kale was our favorite.
The starter with egg, mushrooms and crispy kale was our favorite.
The tartar!
The tartar!
Austrian wines with the first course
Austrian wines with the first course
Bourgogne red by Japanese Koji Nakada
Bourgogne red by Japanese Koji Nakada

The ambiance of the restaurant was pleasant. However it being Friday evening and all, the space was fully packed and the staff slightly stressed. We were a bit concerned in the start if they had lost oir reservation (the waiter looked at us a bit nervously and it took some time before we were seated. Service, when we finally got some, was extremely friendly.

Woodstockholm is definitely a place worth visiting if you are in Stockholm. A reservation is highly recommended and be prepared to share the table with others. We were seated in the same communal table as two other parties, but it did not really bother us. Price range is reasonable for being Stockholm and the wines were awesome!

Wineweek 43: Fall Tasting

I must say I am a bit torn about Sundays. It’s usually the calmest day of the week with ample time to just slack off, write and eat nice food. However, I also feel the looming stress of Monday in my bones. It is not like I don’t like Mondays, I do, but the calendar is often very full resulting in Sunday being the only day of the week I can really do something creative. Then again, it is the only day to really rest. What a dilemma. Writing this blog is thankfully a combination of both.

Yesterday we had our fall tasting. The doors to our (rented) tasting room were open for anyone interested in sampling our selection. Last time we held a similar event, it was crazy. We had so many people that we did not really have any time to chat with anyone, we were just serving. Yesterday was much calmer and much more pleasant. We sampled five cavas, four reds and a white from our current selection, as well as wines from Almeida Garret (Portugal), a potential new producer for our range. We had also, as per plan, prepared proper materials to keep people on top of what they were tasting. I must say the planning and the materials paid off. I am now considering if we should have custom made Winecurious tasting books printed for handing out at our events. I wonder what they would cost..

Some birthday champagne before dinner at Woodstockholm
Some birthday champagne before dinner at Woodstockholm
It was my birthday this week
It was my birthday this week
Llagrima d'Or cooling down at tasting
Llagrima d’Or cooling down at tasting
Our tasting reds clearly numbered for easy recognition
Our tasting reds clearly numbered for easy recognition

Other interesting wine news from this week: it was my birthday and we visited Woodstockholm, a furniture store/ restaurant in Södermalm. They had both an interesting menu as well as a good wine list. We had some Dhont-Grellet Champagne, a nice field blend white from Austria, and a Bourgogne red from a Japanese grower, Koji Nakada. Very interesting wines and stories, not to mention that the food was awesome.

The tartar!
The tartar!
Bourgogne red by Japanese Koji Nakada
Bourgogne red by Japanese Koji Nakada

The coming week will be tough. We will both be travelling, myself to Edinburgh and M to Antwerp. I will be meeting up with a fellow wine geek from Austria so I am expecting some exploration of the Edinburgh wine-scene (the Scots are more into whisky though). Friday we will be going (again) to Punk Royale (review here) and over the weekend we will have some friends visiting from Finland. Sunday, we will be closing our September order window and organizing transport for our customers in Stockholm. I should also be contacting some of our friends in Sant Sadurni to let them know we are coming to Cavatast. Phooh! That was it for the relaxing Sunday, looking at the agenda I better get back to work. Have a great week you all!