Wineweek 106: Sweet Sweet London

The weekend has been short but relaxing. I don’t know if I even mentioned it, but I have been in London, spending some time with my big sister who lives there. She does not drink, so I have not had much wine (just a bottle of Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc), but it has been a sweet weekend with a lot of girl talk, retail therapy (shopping) and long naps. I have been working my ass off all fall, so I really needed those naps. Now I am sitting on the SAS flight back home ready to take on the world again tomorrow. .

Regardless of the almost drink free weekend, I did some foody exploring. We walked around Greenwich, visiting cute cafes and having some street food at the market. Greenwich has been long on my to-do list for London, but due to it being in the opposite direction from everything else, we have never ventured there. The Greenwich market is still what Borough market used to be ten years ago with mostly locals flocking around the stalls. I stuffed myself with street food: pulled pork flat bread and handmade muffins.

I also went for a dinner Friday night with a long-time friend to Foley´s restaurant. That is where we downed to Margaret River Sauvignon. I have some photos, but they need editing before I can publish them. Foleys is a small restaurant in Fitzrovia with Asian inspired food and nice cocktails. The food was very good, but I was unimpressed by the drinks. My gin and basil cocktail was bland and uninteresting, not to mention small. Service will not receive top reviews from me either (will tell you all about it some other time), so I doubt I will be going to Foleys again. The evening was a huge success nevertheless, as it was great catching up with someone I have not seen in many years. Some friendships never end.

That’s it for this wine week. Time to head to bed and dream about our up and coming move to a new flat. I am sure we will cork a few bottles of nice bubblies to celebrate. Have a sweet sweet week you all!

xx Soile

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