Wineweek 147: August Favorites in Helsinki

This is one of those rare days I have almost nothing to say. Rare! No special reason, but compared to a summer on the move, its been very quiet for the past two weeks. I could mention the Santa Barbara Chardonnay that we had a week ago, or the rooftop bar I visited on Wednesday, but instead, I chose to add some photos from my quick trip to Helsinki a week and a half ago. They give a nice reminder that it is still summer, and life should be a little bit slow. Here are a few August favorites from Helsinki.

This particular day, a Thursday if I recall right, was nice and sunny in Helsinki. I had some extra time in the afternoon, so I took a walk from my office in Vallila to the nearby villa quarter that has some nice houses. The residential block is called Puu-Vallila (Wood-Vallila) and it has rows of old wooden houses from 1910. Most of them have been restored and are probably damn expensive. Stepping into this residential area is like stepping back in time; or at least to some other town far away from the buzz of the capital city. Its a place where people still leave their bikes lying on the year and laundry out to dry. Its quiet and quaint. The only restaurant in the area is Pikku-Vallila, which is probably one of the smallest pubs in town. I really enjoyed just walking around and peeking into peoples yards…I am surprised no-one called the police when I was reaching over high wooden fences with my camera.

My journey that day continued to the center of the city. And as long as I have lived, the Helsinki railway station has been a one of the most beautiful building I know. I even dreamed once of having my wedding there. I only captured this boring shot of the tower, but there is great potential for a proper shoot another day: the stone men guarding the building, the great big windows and the retro restaurant inside. I don’t think I will find a decent glass of wine inside this building, but hanging around there is nostalgic.

Last stop of the day was one of my favorite wine bars in town, Latva. This wine- and beer bar has lost is status among the most interesting bars in town if you just look at the menu. However, Latva still has a decent, classic, list of wines and local Finnish beers. They have also expanded their terrace since I was last there. Now it was actually quite spacious, and on a day like this, it was impossible to sit inside. On this terrace, a great business plan started to take shape with my lovely Tripsteri colleagues.

Now time to catch some shut eye to be able to take on a new week with more to say.

xx Soile

The Helsinki railway station
Cremant de Limoux at Latva bar
Pub Pikku-Vallila
The neighborhood hangout
There are some buildings that have improvement potential
Many of the old houses are renovated
When have you last seen laundry drying outside?
I had to really reach up to be able to take this shot of the inner yard
Here you dont even have to lock your bikes

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