Wineweek 151: The Opening Weekend

The leaves are starting to fall. There is only two weeks left of September. The winter is coming. In a week, we will escape the cold weather to Barcelona. Unless the cold weather is waiting for us there. I have heard concerning weather reports from past weeks. There is also another reason for concern, which is the Catalonian referendum. The closer to the date we come, the more unrest is to be expected. I’m trying not to think too much of that, and this weekends events have been the perfect escape: Wine at the cellar, making cocktails at home and opening party of the new Johan & Nyström concept store in the center.

Johan & Nyström has been for several years one of my favorite specialty coffee roasters. They may not be the best in class, but they are steadily good, and their coffee is quite widely available in Sweden. I also like their flagship store at Mariatorget. They have delicious egg sandwiches and french yogurts, raw cakes and croissants. Not to mention, the coffee is made by their best baristas, and in the summer the terrace is big and nice. Johan & Nyström have not had that many of their own cafes, just the one at Mariatorget as well as two cafes on Arlanda airport. Now J&N opened a new type of concept store in the center of Stockholm on Norrlandsgatan.  Woohoo, finally there is a good cafe in the center.

J&N on Norrlandsgatan is a bit different. I don’t know if it should be called a cafe even. They have extended the traditional J&N offering to salads and foody sandwiches as well as beer and wine. In the same space they have a small “market” where they sell flowers, magazines, chocolates and ice cream. And coffee off course. The location on Norrlandsgatan has been open for some time already (soft opening), but on Friday they unmasked the whole space at their opening party.

After snacking on cake, chocolate and small bites at J&N, we headed for wine at Magnusson Fine Wine for some Australian Chardonnay. Vasse Felix 2013 was definitely a fresh reminder of the lack of knowledge I have for the region. Margaret River is an area that I should definitely look more into.

Last but not least, my internal mixologist returned this weekend (I am quite far from a mixologist, but it sounds nice). For my birthday I got some new glasses, cocktail shaker and gin from Stockholm Bränneri, and I was dying to try them out. So, while waiting for M at the supermarket, I quickly checked out a potential recipe on Cocktail Flow (app), and picked up the ingredients. I am not that keen on mixing that many spirits into one drink, so I was a bit limited on choices. I decided to try Clover Club, a short cocktail containing two (2) parts gin, one (1) part lemon juice, two (2) part raspberry syrup and one (1) part egg white. I didn’t want to buy a ready made syrup (since the recipe only included a few cl) so I decided to make it myself (uuu). I don’t really cook, so it was a rare occasion for M to see me in the kitchen.

So cocktails, Chardonnay and some awesome coffee this weekend. Couldn’t be asking for much more.

xx Soile

The opening party at the new Johan & Nyström concept store on Norrlandsgatan
Rotari was served at the opening party
Snacks at J&N
The cafe at J&N
The market at J&N
Little cakes at J&N
At Magnusson fine wines
Vasse Felix 2013 Chardonnay from Australia
At Green Queen vegan street food restaurant
Walking in Kungsholmen
Home mixology – the Clover Club

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