Wineweek 110: Return to Matkonsulatet

There is nothing like finding a great new winebar. I guess when you live in one place long enough, you stop looking for new spots proactively. Or at least I get a bit lazy. We stumbled on Carotte almost accidentially. Well, not exactly, but the visit was mostly unplanned: Googled with an aim to find a spot for a glass in between our house and Matkonsulatet, the prime destination of Saturday night.

We had no idea there was such a great little place smack in the center of Stockholm. Deli o Wine by Carotte is located next to Normalmstorg right at the entrance to Birger Jarlspassagen. The bar looks very inviting with wooden paneled walls and candle light. The wines were quirky, but well selected. Mainly wines from progressive, small winemakers both from traditional france as well as eastern Europe. We tried a lovely 2006 Cote de Beaune, an unfiltered Riesling and Pinot Noir from Czech Republic. I have to write a whole separate post about Carotte.

The return to Matkonsulatet was just like coming home. Nothing had really changed (the staff still remembered us, and were wondering where we have been). Our old favorites were still on the menu: bikini-toast (the best in the world), salmon sashimi with yoghurt and tryffle honey and crispy tomato bread soaked in Matkonsulatets awesome olive oil. We also tried a few new dishes eg. Pluma Iberico with Romesco sauce. For dessert, it was a trip down memory lane again with the dark chocolate mousse with sea salt and olive oil. It has been way too long since I have had it. The wine list was really top noth with whites from Basque country and Tenerife. It was all in all a really great and diverse wine-night.

Tomorrow we are doing something truly exciting. I was a bit spontaneous for once, and booked flights last minute to accompany M to Copenhagen. I was not going to let him go to 108 alone (the new cafe and restaurant by the founders of Noma). I read some reviews and they were really praising the place to be the new Noma but with affordable prices and accessibility. Can’t wait! Bringing my camera!

xx Soile


Birger Jarls passagen

Our find of the year, Deli o Wine by Carotte
A very interesting wine list at Carotte
A hard time choosing
snif snif, an unfiltered Pinot Noir from Czech Republic
The return to our old hangout: Matkonsulatet
Pluma Iberico at Matkonsulatet
Sampling the winelist at Matkonsulatet
Peekaboo from the kitchen

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