The Best Cuts in Helsinki

I like meat! But like many others, I have also scaled down on my consumption. Not only because it is good for my body and the environment, but because I have become picky. Meat should be good, and well made. A steak well-done is murder of good produce. Somehow, I have lately not been too impressed by meat-places in Finland. I would not even dream of using my meat-quota on a pepper steak. But now, I have found a place I can happily recommend to a carnivore. Werner bar and grill on Bulevardi delivers on both produce and execution. And has good wines..

Werner reminds me of the legendary Hawksmoor restaurants in London The cuts of meat are big and they are prepared on an open fire at the restaurant. You can also order special cuts from the kitchen if you just do it in advance. How cool is that. Additionally Wernes has nice cocktails and a decent wine list. We ordered a GT and a Negroni, an both were made with love and with a twist. I was actually inspired to start drying slices of citrus fruit myself for garnishes.

The menu includes meaty starters, flatbread and some grilled vegetables. I have to say that the potato flatbread that was soaked in butter and lightly grilled on open fire was awesome. We also had a very nice tartar and charcuteries. For mains, there are grilled vegetables, grilled fish (salmon and days catch) and grilled entrecote. We ordered this fantastic aged entrecote with grilled aubergine and feta cheese. The dish was for two, but could have fed three. To wash down the meats, we ordered a nice French Chardonnay from Valentin Morel. I know, I would normally pair the meat with a red wine too, but this white was so yummy. We could not miss it.

The ambiance at Werner is relaxed and friendly. The place is quite big, so I was impressed how well the service worked. We also sat right next to the hot grill, so we got to see the chefs at work. I always like that, but in this care, it was the warmest table in the whole restaurant (nice of course when its cold outside).  

So all carnivores out there, if in Helsinki book your seat here.

xx Soile

Entrecote for two
Baked cauliflower
The tartar
GT and Negroni – made with love
The bar at Werner
Garnishes that I will start making soon
Valentin Morel Chardonnay Saint-Savin


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