Wineweek 167: Landing in Singapore

We have arrived! To our final destination on the years Tour de Asia – Singapore. Its also our last week of travel. I can count the days that are left with one hand, and tell people back at home – see you next week at work. It’s always nice to go back, but this time I don’t really know what I am going back to. Big changes at work, long story, wont go into it. We have also been sick for a whole week, the whole family (thus no post last Wednesday). So I have very little wine news to report. But I have had a chance to take a few pictures, and the coming (final) days of our trip will be epic. But since I haven’t been anywhere yet, I thought I would remind you of a few of my Singapore favorites. Cool to see that these places are still up and running, as many cafes and bars seem to have a fairly short lifespan.

Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall, a semi secret cocktail bar in Chinatown. The bar I on the second floor of a shop house, there is just a shady door and stairway visible from the street. The sign has a cheap, 7/11 look to it, but I am sure that is purposeful. Upstairs, the bar resembles a simple fast food restaurant. Intentionally, I am sure. But there was still a warm and welcoming feel and the staff are all smiles. There is no specific drinks menu. You are asked for your preference with spirit and the types of tastes that you usually like. The result is a lovely surprise. These guys definitely know how to make cocktails.

Montana Brew Bar, a café, wine bar and restaurant focusing on waffles and nature wines. We visited there three times during one week last year; Partly because it was close to our hotel, but mainly because the coffee was so good. The sweet and savory waffles were also delicious. This year, Montana has opened a soft ice cream shop on the bottom floor, where they used to have their nature wine bar (which never really opened). I tried the Pink Coconut cup (Hokkaido milk and coconut water) and it was delicious; just a bit too big of a treat just before lunch.

Vatos Urban Tacos is a Korean fast food place/sit down restaurant close to City Hall. It looks like any restaurant, but the tacos are awesome. Fresh flavors, herbs and spices, the tacos are really juicy and delicious. Almost makes me want to book a trip to Korea, where the chain started from. What I also enjoyed very much last year were the drinks. I had a margarita with an upside down beer bottle. While I was emptying my Margarita, the bottle refilled my glass with some nice tangerine beer. The experience was so much fun! This year, as we were still recovering, we ordered some Vatos Tacos to our hotel with Uber Eats. Worked like a charm actually, and we did not have to suffer from bad food even while being sick.

Three great places I remember like yesterday and they are still around. Places we are interested in visiting this week are Nation cocktail bar, Po’s at the new Warehouse Hotel and Meat Smiths. Now that I have my appetite back, I am sure the last days of the trip will be something to remember.

xx Soile

The bulgogi waffle at Montana Brew Bar
Quirky decor at Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall
Fruity surprise cocktail at Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall
My upside down beer bottle at Vatos Urban Tacos


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