Under the Grapevines at Klimaty Poludnia

July is here and it has brought with it a calm that I have long been craving for. I have time to sit around, write and think. Our trip to Krakow was like a tipping point. The point where my mind started to wander and tense muscles relax. There was this specific moment on the terrace of restaurant Klimaty Poludnia (“Climates of the South”) where my brain acknowledged that I was actually on holiday.  And if you see the restaurant, you will understand why. The place was practically medicine for the soul.On one hand Klimaty Poludnia looks and feels like a normal (slightly touristic) restaurant. But when you start eying the details, you will notice that you have arrived to an oasis for winelovers. Herbs and grapevines surrounding a quiet backyard terrace and small wine related artifacts on the wall; the staff are knowledgeable and the wine list long.

As soon as we had made ourselves comfortable on the restaurants terrace, out of nowhere, a storm broke . It was epic. I don’t know if I have ever seen such aggressive rain and wind in my life (a tree branch cracked off and fell on a car on the parking lot). We however, were safe behind the plastic walls of the terrace with a bottle of cava keeping us entertained. Regardless of the racket caused by the storm it was quite relaxing. And exciting.

The food at Klimaty Poludnia is traditional, Mediterranean inspired dishes at attractive prices. Especially the lunch special is usually good value for money (and a glass of house wine at lunch is also a bargain). We had some pasta with long cooked meat, risotto with mushrooms and Moussaka. All dishes were well made and portion were big, so good that we didn’t order appetizers.

The wine list has a lot of different options for wines by the glass. Its a mix of traditional old-world and local Polish wines. I am not talking about exciting stuff here, like skin contact- or nature wines, but a solid list that will keep even the winecurious busy and pleased.

After the rain had stopper and our tummies were full of food and cava, we were ready to move on. The magical lunch including a bottle of wine had not cost us more than a normal lunch in Sweden. It was a great experience that I will not easily forget. I think that the storm might have something to do with that as well *smirk*. Anyway, this is a must try in Krakow.

xx Soile

Pasta with meat
Grapevines hugging the terrace
Cold cava to calm the storm
El Miracle Cava Brut

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