Vibes of Paris at Vinköket

Le Rouge is a restaurant in Stockholm, known mainly for its burlesque interior. I have always considered it more of a theme-restaurant. You don’t really go there for the food, but for the fun of it. No, I don’t really get it, but some people seem to like it. I have been there only once and all I remember is M looking very handsome acros the table (we weren’t dating  yet). However, there has been a change of events that has lured me to return. Le Rouge has opened a credible wine bar, Vinköket to liven up their upstairs entrance (the restaurant is in the cellar). So off course we had to try it out.When we arrived we were the only customer there. No people. No staff. Nothing. Not a good start. But, soon a friendly sommelier climbed up the stairs and waived us to take a seat. We ordered some interesting wines of the list. I went for a Jura white (”Leon Chardonnay” Domaine Bottles Rouge). It was on the crispier side, which was good because it was warm. M took a swing at a white from Tenerife (Táganan Village Blanco). Both good and properly chilled. All in all the wine list was very French. Obviously. You can usually tell a wine bars quality from what champagne they serve by the glass. At Vinköket it was a solid choice of Laherte & Freres. Thumbs up!

There is also a menu for those who are hungry. We selected a few small dishes as we had just come from Magnusson where we both chucked down huge charcuterie plates: Green asparagus from Gotland with parmesan cream and Creamy papardelle with truffle sauce and parmesan. The pasta especially was very good. I could consider coming here for a proper dinner some time.

Cost-wise, Vinköket falls into the mid-bracket: not cheap but not expensive either. I think we walked out with a bill of around 500kr altogether for two glasses of wine and two dishes.

xx Soile

A bit of a Moulin Rouge feel


Reading the wine menu
The wine kitchen
Mirrored ceelings
Sipping on some Jura white
The entrance from the street

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