Mikkeller Around the World

We have this weird habit: everywhere we travel, we always end up visiting a Mikkeller-bar. Unplanned. It’s an odd habit, especially when we travel in Asia, as it is something available in Stockholm and all over the Nordics. However, there is something fun about “collecting” the locations. There is usually only one Mikkeller bar in a city (with the exception of Copenhagen). Mikkeller is a Danish brewery making a wide range of delicious craft beers. The founders, former math teacher Mikkel Borg Bjergsø and journalist Kristian Klarup Keller started experimenting with hops in their own kitchens, now Mikkeller is exporting their products to 50 countries all over the world. Mikkeller is internationally acclaimed as one of the most innovative and cutting edge brewers in the world. We really like the beers, even the non-alcoholic ones.

Mikkeller is a so called “gypsy” brewer. Meaning, the company does not operate an official brewery and, instead, collaborates with other brewers to produce their recipes or experimental one-off brews. The brewery makes a very strong statement that they only work with serious brewers, passionate about the art of making beer and whom care about the result.

There are 23 Mikkeller bars around the world. I have visited six: Tokyo, Barcelona, Reykjavik, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Sigapore. M has also visited the Mikkeller bar in San Francisco. There is a recognizable theme in all of them, however they are always quite different. The latest visit was last week to the Mikkeller-bar in Singapore. It is located in Bugis in a container parked in an empty yard. Very hipster. The bar is quite small with only ten or twelve different beers on offer. Seating inside is limited, but outside you can find plenty of space. We love the heat, but the locals all congregate inside in the small air-conditioned space. The beers are fresh and perfect for hot and humid weather.

It is hard to say which Mikkeller beers are my favorite, as they change their range so often. That is perhaps why we like the brewery so much. The beers that have been around quite long are the non-alcoholic Drinking in the sun and Drinking in the snow. I mass consumed them during my pregnancy. I also like the Ambler (non-alcoholic as well), and M prefers the American Dream. I just noticed a press release that Mikkeller will be working with a San Diego brewery releasing a new small-batch beer every week in 2017. So some new products to try this spring.

Below some pictures from our visits as well as the good press-pages from mikkeller.com

xx Soile

The Mikkeller container in Singapore
Beers in Singapore
The Mikkeller bar in Barcelona
Beers in Barcelona
Mikkeller Bangkok. Photocredits: mikkeller.dk
Mikkeller Bangkok. Photocredits: mikkeller.dk
Garden seating in Bangkok. Bring the whole family!
Mikkeller and Friends in Copenhagen. Photocredits: mikkeller.dk
Mikkeller bar in Tokyo (permanently closed). Photocredits: mikkeller.dk

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