The Return to Matkonsulatet

I always thought it would be easy peasy to write about this restaurant. After all it’s my favorite, probably in the whole world. Ok, I have several favorites, but this one is special. I know the menu inside out, I have tried all their cavas, and I have been there enough times to high-five with the staff. But, it turns out it isn’t as easy to find the words as I thought, almost feels like writing about a family member. I have so much to say and I want every word to do justice to the object of the review. So I will try to go about this in a structured manner (like a proper structure junky) and see how it goes.

Matkonsulatet is a small cozy restaurant in Kungsholmen serving Catalan style tapas. The dishes at Matkonsulatet are nothing special (by special I mean complex), but they are wonderful in all their simplicity. The menu has some nice classical tapas: sliced meats, Pan con Tomate (bread rubbed with tomato, olive oil and salt) and my all time favorite the Bikini Toast (toast with cheese, ham and truffle-butter). And some more experimental dishes; for example: Fennel tempura with Romesco sauce and salmon sashimi with yogurt and truffle honey (omg. that’s good). The menu changes now and then, so there is always something new to try out. Not to take away any credit from the kitchen, but what makes many of these dishes wonderful are also the high quality ingredients. The olive oil at this restaurant is just amazing (P.S. you can buy a bottle to take home).

A Catalan meal would not be complete without some good wines, so a few words about the list (and after all, this is a wine-blog). There is a nice selection of Cavas; mostly by bottle, but more than one by glass. Anne-Marie by Castell D’age, the “house cava” is a nice fresh Reserva with notes of strawberry (sorbet) and green apple. Its very refreshing, but the taste is not that long. Definitely a good house cava though. There are also some other interesting cavas on the list, like an Agusti Torello Mata Brut Reserva and another cava from Castell D’age, Aurelia. Most of the bottles, and now I’m referring to all wines, are very reasonably priced (for being a Swedish restaurant), so its not really a problem to just order a bottle.  For other wines, I haven’t gone through the whole selection (for the cavas I have), but there are some interesting reds and whites and the trend seems to be ecological and bio-dynamical wines.

The desserts are not to be forgotten. My favorite is the passion fruit, white chocolate and cookie crumble pudding. I have had a bit of a sweet tooth lately. But what you really want to try (if you only settle for one) is the dark chocolate mousse with olive oil and sea salt. This is just such a wonderful and actually surprising combination. Or more in the lines of “Olive oil and chocolate – why didn’t I think of it” But the whole idea of tapas is sharing, so why settle for only one dessert? Have them all and share with friends.

The restaurant is great, you can tell that I adore it from my review! But this is also a place where we have made memories: nights out with friends and family, hugs with the staff, and hot summer Sundays at the terrace. Its more than a restaurant to me, its a part of the Stockholm that I call home.I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, but not that much that I will have a hard time getting a table in the future =).

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